I have a proven track record of writing music and lyrics for many S.F. Bay artists including John “Broadway” Tucker, Sista’ Monica, John Lee Hooker Band, Polo Jones, Lori Davidson, Pam Hawkins and many others. I am operating as a Songwriting/Publishing company with original songs available to license and cover. The purpose of this web-site is to place unreleased music on other artist’s albums, TV shows, Movies, Amazon or Netflix.

I write music in many genres. These pieces of music have been recorded under various circumstances over the last 4 decades. Some have been developed and produced, some are raw demo’s and some are live recordings. I will be updating this collection with new music and archived music.

– John Morris

Thank you

Joanne Evans, Marilyn Morris, Evan Morris, Jon Sagen, Melody Sharp, Paul (Polo) Jones, Paul Sadoff, Ron E Beck, Donnie Beck, Doug Rowan, Tom Politzer, Jonny Bamont, Steve Ucello, Ken Embrey, Steve Ehrman, Joe Heinemann, Brian Loftus, Marc Carino, Jim Hannibal, Gary Regina, Sista’ Monica Parker, Eric Bolivar, David Bean, Cody Rhodes, Steve Czarnecki, Lori Davidson, Roger Eddy, Steven Silver, “BaldHead” Fred Rautmann, Ron Johnson, Tammi Brown, Tony Lindsay, Pam Hawkins, David Tucker, Alan Heit, Vivica Hawkins, Dan Robbins, Katie Pretzer, Gene Washington, Gary Souza, Ed Goldfarb, John “Broadway” Tucker, James Sanchez, Michael “Dewey” Weber, “Brother” John Shonick, Ruben Valtierra, Larry Antonino